How does fulfilment help businesses during lockdown?

COVID-19 has affected not only the lives of Ukrainians, but also in Ukrainian business. The virus has significantly changed reality. Today we have no choice but to adapt to new circumstances. Both Ukrainians and Ukrainian businesses do it well. During the lockdown period, online trading is gaining momentum. And there is a high probability that adoption of online shopping may become a long-term trend: people who get used to the convenience of online shopping during lockdown may not want to return to the old method of shopping after it is over.

At this particular time it is the time of opportunities for young entrepreneurs and chance for rapid business development

CEO of NP Logistic Andrii Nesterenko

Since the beginning of lockdown, a period of panic related to the epidemic has passed. Currently, Ukrainians and, in particular, businessmen, are ready to read the room of the situation and adapt to it.Analyzing the retail market, we can draw three conclusions:
1. Unambiguously, e-Commerce is growing rapidly due to the fact that the purchasing activity of Ukrainians on the Internet has increased. Many retailers have already faced a situation where their warehouse and staff are unable to cope with the load during such sales "peak". Even the world giants like Amazon and AliExpress were not ready for such shopping boom, as evidenced by failures and delays in their orders.
2. In addition, some physical stores have decided in short order to go online. This is fairly wise and timely decision. But some entrepreneurs have not yet fully understood all the intricacies and features. In fact online sales are not just the transfer of goods from seller to purchaser, as it is usually take place offline. This is huge number of processes invisible to the average user: warehousing, order preparation and picking, packaging, shipping and compound IT integration.
3. However some negative changes in the market can be noticed. At the first assessment - about 40% of market players suspended work for the lockdown period. This is mainly a segment of SMEs. There are several reasons. Firstly, some sellers are importers and depend on international supplies. Secondly, the popularity rating of the purchased product groups has changed, so sales of non-essential goods in the online store are decreasing. Thirdly, small entrepreneurs may simply not know what to do in such a situation. Therefore, they decided to close in temporarily, sent existing staff on vacation at their own expense, and in some cases even transported goods from the warehouse homeward or to the garage.We are ready to offer an ideal solution for all three of the abovementioned scenarios. Do you want to sell easily and without delays during the lockdown period? We know how to help you! Integration of fulfilment from NP Logistic into your business will ensure nonstop sales and maximum efficiency! - Andrii Nesterenko motivates.

Fulfillment services in Ukraine have been known and popular for 5 years. Earlier it was considered that option like that is the prerogative of large companies and it is expensive. But it is not true. Thanks to circumspect placement and goods storage not only in the pallets form, but also in the form of boxes and even pieces, fulfilment from NP Logistic has become an affordable qualitative outsourcing for online stores, even with small volumes of 30 orders per month.
Company can serve Customers in all industries and deal with goods of different weight categories, if such goods do not require specific storage conditions. Recently, Retailers investigated what Ukrainians buy the most while sitting at home. NP Logistic works with almost all product groups from this list, but, of course, extend beyond it. The term "work" and "fulfilment" means the provision of a set of operations and services to conduct your goods from the moment of its finalization (order / purchase / delivery) to the moment of handing out (shipment / delivery) to the purchaser. Perfectly adjusted processes for online orders processing and Customer goods storing, modern technological capacity and the latest accounting system - the mainstay of NP Logistic service.And what is more - during the lockdown period, the company works non-stop. Of course, in compliance with all sanitary norms and safety measures.
"Since mid-March, our fulfillment centers have fully experienced the overload. But we needed exactly half a day to adjust to this rhythm for the next 2 months to the greatest possible extent. We hire additional warehouse personnel, expand the capabilities of automated lines, in a timely manner adjust operating schedules, topology and zoning in accordance with the launch of new projects. For example, one of the largest projects launched in late March and for which we have allocated additional capacity are: the preparation of food kits for the charity event by Nova Poshta, ROZETKA and the "Lifelover" foundation, as well as the preparation of the sets of medical goods in cooperation with Nova Poshta and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in coordination with the Office of the President. These goods were sent to hospitals in all regions of the country, and food kits are delivered to Ukrainian retirees," - said the CEO of NP Logistic.

Answering the question of HOW OUR FULFILMENT CAN HELP MODERN BUSINESS DURING LOCKDOWN, I will emphasize, first of all, the continuity of our processes. Orders are quickly prepared and arrive to our Customer's purchaser on time, which is important for the reputation of each market player.
Online stores, which now have increased sales, may soon face, if not already faced, the problem of lack of warehouse space and staff, failures of the operating system due to workload. The result is a failure of orders and nervous tension. But everything can be completely different if you give us part of your goods or even all goods. The Customer's sales will work in a calm, well-established mode. And the entrepreneurs will be able to just sit at home, remotely monitor inventory balances and order statuses, and more importantly - consider a new business idea, which they will certainly implement after lockdown.
Believe me, entrepreneurs who decide to temporarily stop working have an alternative. They can easily transport the existing range of goods to our warehouse for storage. And if they receive an order from their purchaser, we will prepare and ship it in a timely manner. In this case, the Customer pays only for the goods storage and in fact for each prepared order. In addition, at any time he /she can start selling other, more popular groups of goods. The area of our fulfillment centers and the capabilities of our operational system allow to expand it at any time. And do not forget that we are fully responsible for the goods of our Customers at any stage of interaction with him/her.
For offline stores that are just opening online sales for themselves, our fulfilment will be an indispensable assistant. We will take care of all operational and logistical processes related to Customer orders. After all, NP Logistic has been working in the fulfilment market for more than 5 years. We have extensive experience, a strong production and technological base and refined processes, and the goods are always handled by qualified and trained staff. In this way, the Customer's online sales will work quickly and perfectly from the first order.

Believe me, entrepreneurs who decide to temporarily stop working have an alternative!

Andrii Nesterenko

But the most important factor for everyone, and not only during the lockdown period, is cost optimization. Our Client saves significantly due to the fact that there is no need to pay fixed rent and maintenance of the warehouse, to hire staff, to invest in the purchase of software and equipment, which are never cheap. Because we provide all this to him/her in an integrated manner. In addition, from March 20, we have reduced tariffs in order to help entrepreneurs during this period. For example, our min processing price now ranges from 18 UAH (VAT free) per order and it includes picking, preparation, packaging and shipment services.
As you can see, fulfilment really reveals many opportunities and new horizons for entrepreneurs. And NP Logistic is an ideal partner for modern business, which allows you to work efficiently and qualitatively with Customer orders even during the lockdown period.
Health and easy sales to all! - Andrii Nesterenko sums up and wishes