Your goods are stored in our professional warehouse with full reliability. NP Logistic takes responsibility for the security of your goods.


At the time of the delivery of your goods to the warehouse our employees perform the following standard operations:

    Unloading of delivered goods
    Goods acceptance by their quantity and their registration in the WMS system
    Goods placement for safekeeping

We work with goods of different formats and weights, but can not accommodate you if your goods require special storage conditions (for example, refrigeration chambers). Our various responsible storage options for your business include the following:

  • rack


    Formats | boxes, pieces, other formatsBins of different sizes (S/M/L) are arranged in a special mezzanine structure

  • 6-story shelving 

    Format | pallets (mono and/or mix)Pallets are stored on a professional multi-story shelving system

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    Format | pallets (mono and/or mix)Goods are stored on the floor only when the fulfilment service is ordered

Please, contact our manager to calculate a quote for services of your range of goods storage, processing of customer orders, or additional services. You can give us a call, or send a request by email

In addition to standard operations, at the moment of the delivery of your goods, we provide additional services that can be useful for your business:

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Goods measuring

tag-shopping-shop-price-label-price tag

Goods labeling

Installation of protective clips, beads, etc.

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Inventory management

NP Logistic is a professional warehouse logistics operator!

We can not only store your goods securely but also pick your customers' orders and ensure your sales. For this, you can utilize our main services:


Professional orders picking and shipment to the end consumer

3 PL

Full range of services for your pallet cargo, both inbound and outbound


Fast flow: sorting and formation of your orders within 24 hours

Bin size and storage cost:

  • 1

    Bin S

    UAH 3.60 / 1 day

    length 90 сm; depth 55 сm; height 45 сm

  • 2

    Bin M

    UAH 7.20 / 1 day

    length 180 сm; depth 55 сm; height 45 сmBin М = 2 Bin S

  • 3

    Bin L

    UAH 10.80 / 1 day

    length 270 сm; depth 55 сm; height 45 сmBin L = 3 Bin S


Within one bin it can be placed at the same time several boxes / packages with goods with a total weight: - up to 54 kg (in bin S), - up to 108 kg (in bin M), - up to 162 kg (in bin L). S / M / L bins are located on the mezzanine structure. Prices are without VAT